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Chicken Passanda

Tender chicken or lamb fillets marinated in selected spices & fresh cream then cooked in an exot..


Butter Chicken

Tender chicken mildly cooked with special spices, herbs & butter..


Garlic Chilli Chicken

Extra garlic, sliced green chillies, green peppers, ginger, tomato in special spicy sauce..


Tawa Curri (Chicken)

Stripes and grilled chicken or lamb cooked with paprica, onion, tomato & herbs with garlic &..


Bengal Peshwar (Chicken)

Medium or hot, grilled chicken or lamb cooked to perfection with a mint & creamy sauce, crushed ..


Naga Curri (Chicken)

Tender chicken or lamb with hot spices, tomatoes, garlic & special bangladeshi Chilli..


Goan Curri (Chicken)

Chicken or lamb with garlic, onion, coriander, peppers in mint & taramind sauce..


Kushboo Chicken

Chicken marinated overnight in yoghurt with ginger, garlic and cooked with whole masala, ground cash..


Paneer Tikka Massala

Home made cheese cooked almonds & coconuts in a mild, creamy sauce..


Moghuls Return

Tandoori chicken chunks minced meat and king prawn simmered in a rice creamy mild sauce with almond ..


Goan Fish Curry

Fillet ayrfish cooked with garlic, onion, coriander, peppers in mint & tamarind sauce..


Flaming Special (Chicken)

A medium hot chicken or lamb dish enlivened with herbs, diced onion, tomatoes, capsicum, yoghurt &am..


Mango Delight

Tikka chicken in butter sauce with nuts & mangoes..


Nepali Chicken

Hot & spicy tandoori chicken cooked in a rich garlic flavour..